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       6000, Australia
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Technology and Service, hand in hand

We embed intelligent technology where suitable, and wrap it with as much service and support as you need.

Efficient, accurate, integrated (REST API) and beautiful, all the right ingredients for long term user success.

We are Australian owned and operated, with local service teams guiding you every step of the way.

Powerful Features, Powerful Options

Managing payroll in modern Australia requires just the right balance of compliance, process and technology to suit your business and workforce needs. Pick and choose the combination that suits you best, one that actually GROWS with your business.

Payroll Software

The engine room of your payroll department, integrated and seamless with all the add-ons and fully compliant with Australian Legislatio

Employee & Manager Self Service

Self Service Build transparency and trust across the organisation with employee and manager led data capture and signoff.

Leave Management

Seamless employee and manager submission and approvals. Syncronised calendars, misc types and more

Time & Attendance

Timesheet and integration options galore. Ensuring there are no excuses for missing time or incorrect pay.


For businesses where scheduling workers accurately and efficiently in reflection of actual wage costs is critical to your success.

Integrations & White Label Branding

Connect with other systems via REST API. Add YOUR colours chemes and logo's with our white label branding options.

Stunning on all devices

With a user experience you can be proud of, manage all aspects of your payroll, restoring, time & attendance, leave and more via browser, mobile and apps.

Which commercial & Service Model Suits You Best?

Lets design the best model for you, with just the right balance of self-serve and support. The plan is to get you moving in the right direction, at your pace. And before you know it you will be a power user, taking full advantage of the cost savings and benefits SAAS software brings to the table.*Note that fortnightly and weekly frequencies will average higher costs per month, but the 'per headcount' rate is lower. Businesses with complex or specific pay structures (outside of the Modern Award templates) may also incur higher fees.

Fully Outsourced

you have more important things to do. So want everything managed for you.


Part Outsourced

you are pretty tech savvy or conscious of costs, and want to self serve some of the process.


Self-Serve + Support

You are comfortable driving it, but want help setting it up initially and may need dedicated help occasionally


Not Sure?

No worries, speak with an expert to scope out further and decide.

Pricing and Solutions to suit YOU

Every business owner is different, and we are here to cater for YOUR needs, whether you want to self-serve, or outsource the entire function, we will work with you on a model that suits you best.
  • $ 10 From AU$10.00 per employee, per month (ave).
    • Fully Outsourced
    • Inclusions:
      - Same as Part Outsourced PLUS
      - Quarterly Reviews
      - Fully inclusive payroll service and support.

  • $ 8.5 From AU$8.50 per employee, per month (ave).
    • Part Outsourced
    • Inclusions:
      - Same as Self Serve
      - Dedicated Payroll Manager
      - Human Training & Support
      - 6 monthly Reviews
      (Generally 'payroll processed' at client end)

  • $ 7 From AU$7.00 per employee, per month (ave).
    • Self-Serve
    • Inclusions:
      - All Technology
      - Scope & Implementation
      - Online Support & Training Hub
      - Human Support Credits
      - Annual Review
      - Additonal Support Chargeable
      - No minimum contract

Local Service, Local

With an Australian based team, we are here to ensure you are supported for long term success. Compliance, technology, change management & support. Whether it be in-person, virtual, phone, chat or self-help, your success is our success.