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Firstly, who
are YOU?

Whether you are a business owner, accountant, franchisor or anyone else, lets make sure we meet YOUR needs.

Business Owners, HR, Finance.

We know the juggling act you are dealing with, let us take away your payroll pain so you can focus on more important things.

Accountants/HR/Global Payroll Firms

Your clients are precious to you, so lets work TOGETHER to meet their particular needs and continue to add payroll value for them long term. We Integrate, white label and more!

Franchisors & Associations

A consistency, compliance and transparency of reporting is critical to your operations. Lets build a tailored, cost effective and fully branded model for your company stores and franchisees so all parties benefit form the efficient and cost gains.


Lets understand your business, your skill sets, and what YOU actually want to achieve?

1) Scope and Design

We scope and build a solution to suit, and with decades of experience under our belt across hundreds of clients, we are well placed to understand your industry and business needs and tailor a Payroll & HR solution to suit.

2) Choose your commercial model

We will then build out the relevant commercial model to layer in service or support where needed. This can range from completely self-serve in nature from your end, or fully outsourced and serviced where needed. Fixed pricing per payslip/hour/month or year, bundled or segmented, you choose.

3) Implement and Deploy with confidence

We can manage your entire implementation and deployment process from end-to-end. Data extraction, Input, system builds, parallel pay runs, training, testing and more. Use us as much or as little as you need. But rest assured, we will be guiding you on what we feel is needed for ultimate deployment success!

4) Go live in style!

Get ready for the reaction of your staff when they get access to brilliant and exciting new technology, mobile apps and more. You will be making an impact for the better and know that you have all the tools and support in place for ongoing payroll and HR success.

5) Constantly review and improve

Whether it be legislative updates, or technology ones, we will continually communicate and provide you the options you need to navigate the changing landscape. We are your business partner, not supplier.

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Which commercial & service model suits YOU best?

Lets design the best model for you, with just the right balance of self-serve and support. The plan is to get you moving in the right direction, at your pace. And before you know it you will be a power user, taking full advantage of the cost savings and benefits SAAS software brings to the table.


Fully Outsourced

you have more important things to do. So want everything managed for you.


Part Outsourced

you are pretty tech savvy or conscious of costs, and want to self serve some of the process.


Self-Serve + Support

You are comfortable driving it, but want help setting it up initially and may need dedicated help occasionally


Not Sure?

No worries, speak with an expert to scope out further and decide.

Unleash your brand

We can white-label our solution in whichever branding you want, your logo, your colour scheme, your domain and more! Or ours, we dont mind either way

Helpful Answers

See some faq's below to fill in any blanks, or feel free to reach out to our dedicated support via contact us page

Where is PAYD based and operated?

Where is PAYD based and operated? PAYD is an Australian based business headquartered out of Perth, Western Australia. As a modern online business, our staff use a combination of office and remote based work environments throughout Australia, but rest assured, our customers are always serviced to the highest of standards.

How long does it take to get setup?

It may depend on the model you prefer, complexity of payroll, and resource/data availability at your end, but typically: 1-5 employees = 1 week. (or a couple of hours if you want!) 6-20 employees = 3 weeks 21-50 employees = 6 weeks 51- 200 employees = 8 weeks But hey, if you have urgent needs, we can always look to accomodate and help out wherever we can! The above times can be reduced dramatically if we wanted to peform a 'sprint'.

Where is our data stored?

All data is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 virtual servers, in the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) region.

What are your contract terms?

Always open for negotiation, but normally a 12 month term is signed. This usually suits both parties nicely. If 'no minimum term' is required, this may add or increase certain implementation or service fees.