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Intelligent payroll, intentional results.

Our intent is clear, provide YOU with the best payroll solution that adds value, not costs. Lets work together to fine-tune a model where you and your workers can automate as much as possible and drive the process & results. Seek help and only pay when you truly need it.

Payroll Solutions

This is us, laying it all out on the table. now pick which parts you want to manage, and which parts you want help with. Dont worry if you arent sure, or want to get help with all of it, this is what we are here for

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Payroll Scope & Implementation

Making sure your proposed model is going to be suitable for your business, workforce and industry. Success from day 1 is vital!

  • Detailed Analysis of business and technology requirements
  • Transition and Database/System build
  • Testing & Parallel Pay Runs
  • Payroll Audits and Risk Analysis
  • Deployment & Training
  • Go-Live Support

Payroll Processing and Service options

Think of us as your dedicated payroll team, anything you would expect from your current payroll staff you can expect of us.

  • Payroll Lifecycle Management
  • Payroll Input Data Capture
  • Timesheets/Leave/HR Exceptions & More
  • Payroll Calculations & Processing
  • Award Interpretation
  • New/Exiting Staff
  • Termination Payments
  • Superannuation Processing
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Payslips
  • GL Sync to finance
  • STP, EOFY and Superstream
  • Payroll Tax Reporting
  • Payroll Input Data Capture
  • Payroll Processing

Continuous Improvement

We are your payroll partner, we will hold your hand and guide you through technology and compliance change year in year out.

  • Ongoing News on Compliance & Technology updates
  • Recommendations on best practice
  • Change management templates and automation.
  • Periodic Reviews
  • Mini-Audit & Risk analysis

Aussie service, Aussie technology. High quality, high trust.

We embed intelligent technology where suitable, and wrap it with as much service and support as you need.

How We Work

Which commercial & service model suits YOU best?

Lets design the best model for you, with just the right balance of self-serve and support. The plan is to get you moving in the right direction, at your pace. And before you know it you will be a power user, taking full advantage of the cost savings and benefits SAAS software brings to the table.

Fully Outsourced Payroll Solutions

You have more important things to do. So want everything managed for you.

Partially Outsourced Payroll Solutions

You are pretty tech savvy or conscious of costs, and want to self serve some of the process.

Self-Serve + Support

You are comfortable driving it, but want help setting it up initially and may need dedicated help occasionally

Not Sure?

No worries, speak with an expert to scope out further and decide.

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