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We are technology infused

We aim to utilise and support a range of technology to help drive the payroll solution. Lets improve efficiencies, accuracy and visibility across your business today and future-proof for tomorrow.

Modular by design,

Pick and choose functionality you need, keeping costs low and focusing on empowering your staff where suitable. This is enterprise functionality without the hip pocket pain!

Employee & Manager Self Service (ESS/MSS)

Manage all data capture and approvals where needed. Leave Management - Applicaiton, Approvals, Uploads, Calendars and more.

Personal Details

Addresses, Emergency, Bank, Super, Qualifications and more Expenses - Submission, Receipts, Job Codes


Available 24/7, contracts, policies, private and company wide. Qualifications - Licenses, Visas, or whetever tickles your fancy.

Timesheets & Timeclocks

Web, Tablets, Phones. Geo-Location, clock in/out. Whatever suits you.


Online, copy/paste, recommended staff, shift swap/bid, budgets/costs, unavailabililities/leave, roles, SMS, Email, notificiation and more.


Submission, Receipts, Job Codes

Built for the modern
business - Stunning on all devices

A native web based and intuitive experience means user success for all parties. With less push back from stakeholders, you can quickly impress your whole workforce with slick and modern technology representing your company, your brand, and your future.

Unleash your brand

We can white-label our solution in whichever branding you want, your logo, your colour scheme, your domain and more! Or ours, we dont mind either way

Perfect Integration

Integrate with all of your favourite systems, finance, rostering, POS and more.

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