Ready to design YOUR payroll model?

PAYD makes it easy to onboard, pay, manage and support your valued team. Here’s why:

Compliance at the core:

Quality and Security are critical to every business function. PAYD blends quality control processes with modern technology and hosting systems throughout.

Beautiful technology at the front.

If you truly want to reduce costs for your non-core activities, acceptance of new technology must be high. A great user experience is critical to the modern workforce for utimate success here!

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A service wrap to suit YOU.

We firmly believe that a technology driven solution will only be successful if you are provided with adequate support by master users. Being Australian based and operated is helpful as well!

Future proof your business

Invest in intelligent, web based and modern solutions

Future proof your business

Invest in intelligent, web based and modern solutions

Secure and Private

PAYD delivers compliant Payroll and HR solutions hosted on modern frameworks to give you peace of mind that your data is accurate and secure.

Enterprise Features without the costs.

No longer does enterprise level functionality only be available to big businesses, we provideand support a range of technology, and integrate with existing systems where needed.

Integrated and in-sync with your business

By using industry-leading tools,technology and dedicated support, we can help you and your business succeed with all things payroll and HR.

Driven By Payroll Experts Who Love Tech

Our solutions are delivered by people who live and breathe payroll. We know what needs to be done, and manage the technology accordingly for ultimate payroll success!

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Helpful Answers

With a user experience you can be proud of, manage all aspects of your payroll, restoring, time & attendance, leave and more via browser, mobile and apps.

  • Where is PAYD based and operated?

    Where is PAYD based and operated? PAYD is an Australian based business headquartered out of Perth, Western Australia. As a modern online business, our staff use a combination of office and remote based work environments throughout Australia, but rest assured, our customers are always serviced to the highest of standards.

  • How long does it take to get setup?

    It may depend on the model you prefer, complexity of payroll, and resource/data availability at your end, but typically: 1-5 employees = 1 week. (or a couple of hours if you want!) 6-20 employees = 3 weeks 21-50 employees = 6 weeks 51- 200 employees = 8 weeks But hey, if you have urgent needs, we can always look to accomodate and help out wherever we can! The above times can be reduced dramatically if we wanted to peform a 'sprint'.

  • Where is our data stored?

    All data is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 virtual servers, in the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) region.

  • What are your contract terms?

    Always open for negotiation, but normally a 12 month term is signed. This usually suits both parties nicely. If 'no minimum term' is required, this may add or increase certain implementation or service fees.

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